The GAT test is, in fact, an abbreviation for the graduate assessment test. This test is mainly related to University Admissions. However, the responsibility for conducting an assessment examination (GAT-General Test) lies with the National Testing Service (NTS) Pakistan. Admission to academic certification for M.Phil., Ph.D., and HEC Scholarship Schemes programs.

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GAT test is of three types:

1. GAT GeneralGraduate Assessment Test GAT-GENERAL is for admissions in MS / M.Phil. programs.

2. LAW-GATUnder the Pakistan Legal Practitioners & Bar Councils Rules, a law graduates keen of seeking employment as an Advocate to professionally practice law, is mandatory to pass an Assessment Test by NTS, for being qualified to apply to Bar Council.

3. GAT SubjectThe Graduate Assessment Test Subject is for Ph.D. programs. The same test may be used for the recruitment of graduates. The subject test helps to evaluate, analyze, solve problems, understand relationships, and interpret material in a specific area of study.

GAT General

We here only discuss GAT general for elaborating and enlighten the different aspects to successfully clear the GAT General test in 1st attempt. The rest of the GAT test will follow the same procedure for its respective category.

GAT General exam is mainly taken by the candidates who want to enroll for MS and M.Phil. There are many general GAT courses that can be selected by candidates wishing to apply for MS and M.Phil. programs. The candidates select these courses and subjects according to their needs and requirements.

When to Take

Candidates who wish to enroll in MS and M.Phil. programs must get their self-prepared for the test in their BS’s 7th Semester. They must attempt the GAT exam before the start of 8th Semester of their BS program to avail the best opportunities and secure admission in top rated universities of Pakistan.

The reason behind attempting the GAT test in 7th semester of BS program is that there are a lot of top-rate universities which announce their admission in Start of April and for admission in those universities GAT test is a compulsory element. As we all know that in Pakistan there is a trend of delaying the final exams due to which students with improper guidance fail to avail the opportunity to get the chance to study in top rated universities.

How to Prepare

A lot of students think GAT is a difficult exam to clear without proper preparation from a reputed academy. These thoughts and some circulating bad experiences demoralize the students due to which they lose their confidence and fail to clear the GAT test.

GAT test is just a game of nerves, self-control, time management and a bit of sense of intelligence (which must be used during the test). There is no need to join any academy or to buy any expensive books for the GAT test.

Before attempting any competitive exam one should do some research and gather a comprehensive knowledge about the test and its course content. First of all, gather all information about course content and prepare you weak topics first and then go for a complete revision.


The only recommended book for the GAT test is NTS Book for GAT General. Download For Free This book contains all the essential material which is needed to clear the GAT test in 1st attempt with high grades.

How to Attempt

GAT test is a bit lengthy exam with a time limit of 2 hours (120 minutes), which is not enough to complete the exam in a comfortable mood. To attempt the complete test, you must manage your time by not utilizing more than 1 minute per question. Always consider a simple question, a simple one, do not make it difficult to buy thinking that there must be a trick behind that simple question.

Result Validation

The GAT test result will remain valid for the period of “TWO YEARS” for admissions and scholarships. Therefore, it must be taken sometime earlier to avail all the best opportunities to build a beautiful future.

Admission criteria for GAT-General

Candidates who wish to enroll in MS and M.Phil. programs can take the general GAT test if they meet the following eligibility criteria.

  • Must have completed sixteen (16) years of study.
  • Applicants looking to improve on their overall GAT test results.

How to register?

  • For a general GAT test, complete the registration form (online) and payment receipt from the NTS official website. (The registration form is available only on the official website of the NTS).
  • A candidate must upload an almost (1 x 1.5 inch) photo into this online registration form.
  • All candidates must upload their photos with full face coverage.
  • Send the original payment receipt to NTS.

Test Outline

As already mentioned, an exam is mainly taken for candidates who want to enroll for MS and M.Phil. There are many general GAT courses that can be selected by candidates wishing to apply for MS and M.Phil. programs. The candidates select these courses and subjects according to their needs and requirements.

There are three categories of categories in which all selectable elements are sub-divided. There are seven possible elements that can be selected by the applicant at his or her request.

A list of these elements is listed below:

GAT General Subject Categories and Marks Distribution:

  • Engineering and Technology
  • Business Education
  • Social Sciences
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Biological and Medical Sciences
  • Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences
  • Physical Sciences

All the above topics are further divided into three different categories, based on their design and distribution of marks on paper.
The four categories of the general GAT test are listed below:


Business and Engineering students


Arts, Humanities and Social science students


Agricultural, Veterinary, Biological & Related Sciences Students


This category is designed for students coming from Madrassa background or equivalent having equivalence from Higher Education Commission (HEC) for M.Phil. Admissions.

The general GAT document consists of three different sections. The first section is oral, the second contains analytical considerations, and the third is quantitative. An attempt to perform a general GAT test is 2 hours (120 minutes), and the total number of questions in the work is 100.

Course Content

Here we only discuss the Group A, the rest follow with some minor changes but course content remains the same.

GAT™ Category A – Business and Engineering Students (Detailed)
Total No of Questions = 100
Time Allowed = 120 Minutes
Topics Segment
% Weight
Number of
Verbal Reasons (English) 35% 35
A: Vocabulary
A1: Prefixes, Suffixes 5% of 35% 2
A2: Analogies 10% of 35% 3
A3: Antonyms 5% of 35% 2
A4: Conceptual 5% of 35% 2
Sub-total for Vocabulary 25% of 35% 9
B: Grammar
B1: Tenses and Aspects 20% of 35% 7
B2: Part of Speech (Conjunctions, Nouns, Pronouns,
Verb, Adverb, Adjectives, Articles, Prepositions)
10% of 35% 3
B3: Conditionals 5% of 35% 2
B4: Functions 5% of 35% 2
Sub-total for Grammar 40% of 35% 14
C: Comprehension
C1: Inferencing 15% of 35% 5
C2: Linking Devices 6% of 35% 2
C3: Main Idea 5% of 35% 2
C4: Title 3% of 35% 1
C5: Topic Sentences 3% of 35% 1
C6: Type of Passage (Narrative, Descriptive,
Expository, Scientific, Entertaining, Didactic, Rhetorical)
3% of 35% 1
Sub-total for Comprehension 35% of 35% 12
Quantitative Reasoning 35% 35
Business Mathematics, Financial Mathematics,
Consumer Mathematics,
Percentage Ratio and Proportion, Zakat,
Ushar and Inheritance
33% of 35% 12
Fundamental of Geometry, Practical Geometry,
Areas and Volumes, Matrices and
Determinants, Basic Statistics, Arithmetic and
Geometric Sequences, Linear Graphs, Sets and Functions
33% of 35% 12
Introduction to Trigonometry, Projection of a side of a triangle,
Chords of a circle, Tangent to a circle, Chords and Arcs,
Angles in a segment of a circle, Practical geometry circles,
Congruent Triangles, Parallelograms and Triangles,
Line Bisectors and Angle Bisectors
17% of 35% 6
Data Processing
Basic Statistics and Probability 17% of 35% 5
Analytical Reasoning 30% 30
Deductive and inductive logic, Critical thinking and writing skills 100% of 30% 30
Grand Total All Segments 100% 100


Test Cities

  • Faisalabad
  • Islamabad
  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Multan
  • Peshawar
  • Quetta
  • Rawalpindi

General Instruction for Test

Same as of all the examinations.

  • Not to bring the cell phones, any helping material.
  • Must reach the examination center 30 minutes earlier.
  • Must bring original ID Card and Roll no slip with you.

Best of Luck 😊

For Further Information Please Visit NTS Website.
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