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InfoStream Pakistan aimed to help people and students receive the most valuable and useful information for their career selection and motivation. We recognize that first-class education at an affordable price is just as important as the ability to achieve your goals. Our many years of experience in various educational sectors enables us to find the “right” information and guidance for you.

The InfoStream Pakistan services are designed to passionately provide the best possible guidance and a plan for selecting and continuing your career, with no supervision and direction hurdles that every newcomer has in their career. When it comes to education, we look at the bottom line. How much it helps you?

Recognizing the existing barriers in education, we continue our efforts to collect a unique collection of free online career counseling and all relevant information about career studies. The motivation of young people to learn, develop, and help them find their interest has become our mission over the years.

Moving onward, we admire the welcoming spirit of the founders of InfoStream Pakistan, as they develop a platform to facilitate the exchange of ideas. The founders recognized the crucial role of the Internet in supporting their mission and decided to develop an interactive web-based platform that allows users to interact actively with free online informative and educational resources.

As we grow and improve, we want to know what style of educational websites students and teachers prefer. For example, which of the following properties is usually considered “good” or “bad”, “useful”, “confusing” or “interesting”?

Educational sites are usually a good thing as many young people today use the Internet so often for entertainment and personal interests that they should get a platform for their career guidance too.

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