First COVID-19 case reported in Punjab

Punjab reports on the first case of coronavirus as the number of victims in Pakistan reached 53

ISLAMABAD / KARACHI: Punjab announced its first case of a new coronavirus on Sunday after a 54-year-old patient who returned from the United Kingdom on March 10 received a positive test result at Lahore Hospital, bringing the total number of COVIDs -19 in Pakistan increased 52.

“This is the first case of  COVID19 in Punjab. All of his close contacts turned out to be negative, but according to the SOP, they will remain isolated for 15 days, ”said Musarrat Cheema, government spokesman for Punjab.

At least 13 pilgrims who came to Sukkur from Iran were also tested positive for an infectious disease, which increased the number in Sindh to 35.
“So far, 13 people have tested positive for COVID ー 19, out of the number of people who came to Sukkur from Taaftaan. These people were allegedly quarantined at the border, ” Mutaza Wahab Sindh provincial government spokesman confirmed on Twitter.


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