Ali Zafar Gets Into Trouble, Petition Filed Against PSL Song

The dispute over the Pakistan Super League anthem does not seem to end soon.

Meanwhile fans are desperately waiting for the Ali Zafar’s PSL anthem, a Lahore resident went to court to file a petition to stop the release of song.

According to media reports, petitioner Rizvan Nawab filed a petition for a song by Ali Zafar. He believes that the Ali Zafar’s version of the PSL anthem will seriously damage PSL’s reputation around the world.

He also said that the ongoing verbal war between Ali Zafar and Ali Azmat also harmed the PSL’s image.

Then he asked Pemra to ensure that not a single PSL anthem other than the official one was broadcast on any of the television channels. The court ordered Ali Zafar and the PCB to submit their answers by March 2.

This year’s PSL anthem was a real disappointment compared to what we saw in the past. The anthem has become the most unpopular PSL anthem on YouTube. Since the song’s release, people have encouraged Ali Zafar to develop their own version of the PSL anthem.

Ali Zafar is reported to have prepared the song and it will be released in the next few days if the court permits it.

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